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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2014 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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forces in eastern ukraine push the army from. shell shock as people try to assess what's been lost. but want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy yet. as kurdish forces advance on militants from the islamic state in iraq western officials struggle to find a solution to the rapidly growing jihadist threat and. george galloway gives an exclusive interview. after being brutally beaten in london voicing his views.
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but i welcome you with r.t. international. after months of an army offensive in ukraine looks devastated schools hospitals apartment blocks and. the badly damaged or completely destroyed but is anti government forces drive troops away people are getting the chance to come out of hiding and to start rebuilding what's being raped. person receiving the phone will still vote for it either does the phrase even though there are suspicions that this is a really big news that we very much you're willing to give us the name of the facility in the world but even if you were. well local fighters are currently carrying out a military operation they say is aimed at protecting the population here's how the fighting has been unfolding against comedienne screeches here are the focus of what here of course is anti terror operation anti-government forces used to control this
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territory here but army troops forced them out closer to the regional capitals and fighters now say that this area in orange is under their control and they're driving the army out in the past few days they did manage to seize around a dozen towns the ukrainian army is surrounded in several locations these red circles here and in the latest incident hundreds of soldiers were encircled but were allowed to leave through humanitarian corridors right now anti government forces are closing in on the port city of mariupol down here they say they have blocked all the roads leading in and out of the city however no offensive has been planned refer to reports now on what the civilian population is going through during here. what many feared could happen each happening the constant bombardment of the guns has destroyed buildings empty street and populated basements. every time we visit we find more people sheltering underground
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a cold and humid room three meters down is the only place these people feel safe. that you know you're going to hear or that you even heard from the hunters tell anything like the indian one that was probably close to. falling here in the early morning and you don't have. to stay tuned. this is a soviet era bomb shelter built during the cold war but until now it hadn't been used. because those. clashes are also intensifying around lugansk kiev's goal is to surround the city and cut off the anti-government forces from their bases people from the embattled areas surrounding the guns are among those seeking refuge from the fierce fighting
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which has overwhelmed their homes by the offending up on the. grounds good luck mc a summer to jupiter studio to ship the ocean last march accession of radius of the moon we do. need for thought but a mission when the because family celebrate the birthday one of the younger members the also a good thing is that they have finally found some kind of safety that will not was what. did me good a stereo it is two words put it on one with both of the equation in order before i said thank you all just a little how did she sound. enough to shake it up and draw used to love playing war like old boys of his age questionable a lot but not anymore. andrey shows me what he found in their back yard after another shelling these tiny little metal guards are sprayed from
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so-called flechette shells which are internationally banned gives large scale military operation here in eastern ukraine has lost almost five months so far as more destruction is caused and the casualties rise people's pain feeds the endor and many fear when the guns fall silent he queen will not be able to overcome the consequences of what has happened here. in eastern ukraine. while kiev's policy yumi east of the country has once again a rage the mothers of soldiers who were fighting there they staged a protest outside the parliament building demanding the offensive be stopped and their sons returned home and inside the rada one deputy also voiced her discontent but was quickly silence. last got to whatever still live out of me a better beat by beat me admit that i'm not really stupid not to lie it's got good idea my browser to now did she and i did see
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a pretty good open it there but i walk right through here a serious point that you would see darkness when he said it was good rather clearly not about started for the green screen army or. anti government leaders in the jeannette's and against regions have set out their position on establishing ties with kiev and the conditions that need to be met you can get that story at r.t. dot com. in iraq kurdish forces are advancing on jihadists from the islamic state that have occupied the northwest of the country with the help of u.s. airstrikes and share volunteers they have managed to take over a militant stronghold killing two senior fighters meanwhile western leaders are raising the alarm over a possible jihadist attacks on europe pain and american soil and this has prompted a why did a bait over the west taking on the islamic state. some of the post-election. small countries admit they're up against an abstract threats from international
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fighters join an islamic state it's more important than ever to find a common solution i don't want to put the cart before the horse we don't have a strategy yet there's no point in me asking for. action on the part of congress before i know exactly what it is that is going to be required for us to get the job . america might not know what to do gets but germany seems to have an idea to spend seventy million euros arming kurdish forces to deter islamic state militants in iraq where it's believed some four hundred radicalize germans are fighting. terrorists seize control over an area to create a base for their reign of terror and to retreat try the fanatics this creates a dangerous it affects our security interests but this gets an even more involved a viable way forward i'm not sure if the kurds especially if there are influences
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from the p.k. k p k k is known to be a terrorist organization it's on the terrorists for both the european union and for the united states if the p.k. is receiving weapons from the germans then i think we are about to repeat a major mistake of being once again the wrong site here in the u.k. fears have been growing since soldier lee rigby was slaughtered in london now with the beheading of an american journalist suspected. and revelations that one of these lawmakers states he financier's was the director of a muslim faith school in the city of birmingham brought so want to feel safe and they want the government to take drastic measures it is apparent that people who declare allegiance elsewhere able to return to the united kingdom and pose a threat to our national security we're clear in principle what we need is a targeted discretionary power to allow us to exclude british nationals from the u.k. . cameron spline tearing up passports from door nationals and battle fighters from
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returning home from foreign conflicts according to you gov two thirds of british people support taking away citizenship from known radicals although it's claimed that hasn't worked before april two thousand and fourteen the reason may started confiscating passports using the war so they've been doing this exact measure they're talking about for an extended period of time already in many many cases but they we and they bring out is now legislation so that they can look like they're being proactive against the isis issue when really they're just trying failed policies world leaders seemed caught off guard by increasingly militarized and the well funded islamic state jihad this course stealing a march through iraq and syria while abroad politicians shift nervously to avoid sending their soldiers back into the middle east but delays that impreciseness could ignite the time bomb that will bring the terrorists to them marine the cost
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of our reporter from london for it see the flow of jihad a volunteer is from the spark some radical ideas from western officials the mayor of london has even proposed labeling anyone who travels to iraq and syria without telling authorities as a terrorist until they prove their innocence and the idea found little support with more than half of those surveyed saying no to the plan well for more on this i'm joined live now by the head of the public affairs committee in the u.k. thanks very much for coming on firstly what you make of these proposals that we've heard there from the mayor of london does this kind of idea help the situation do you think. no it doesn't it plays directly into the growing feeling among among the global muslim community and also the muslim community here in britain that the government has it in for muslims in it and in general the west. western countries america and britain in particular are waging some sort of war
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against the muslims or islam or the this of a rhetoric. why the broader narrative but do you appreciate something needs to be done i mean what would you suggest to tackle the problem. of course something needs to be done but. the governments that are involved in this that have caused. so much of a crisis in the middle east are unwilling to deal with the central point head. it's like him you know looking at the cracks not realizing that the there's a massive overflow of water in the dam is going to break because of it the real central problem here is foreign policy our policy across the middle east has been totally destructive not just the the war in iraq but across the across the board what you're seeing with groups like isis and al qaida and the spring is a reaction to that they are muslims in that region are no longer willing to accept
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what they think is an unjust order and by bombing them into submission by. driving them or kidnapping them or sending them to secret prisons around the world by torturing them their only reinforces that that the belief within the muslim world that some. but nothing is going to stop these guys unless as these groups like isis are now saying unless you take up arms so why are we giving you more of the same something needs to change and that is we need to adjust our foreign policy make it ethical and we teach young muslims we're going to deal with the british problem here that they can make a change to that foreign policy by being involved in this as long as politicians say to the other side and we can't be involved in that system. from that system has to be kerry ok we understand that over five hundred around five hundred if you had a volunteer is from the u.k. fighting with the islamic state in your opinion what's actually driving them to be
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radicalized what's driving them to take up arms in syria and iraq. and actually i believe that people went to syria because they felt that i said was committing a crime and they wanted to help those people who are fighting in. syria in syria obviously that it's now changed the whole dynamics change with the growth of isis going into iraq now if some of those fighters who were initially joined isis it's because they feel that the the the order that the primarily the european countries in nineteen fifteen in america now up hold within the middle east by propping up dictators and denying muslims their right to choose their government is so failed they lost so much faith in that they that they no longer even believe in a democracy because they think it would be undermined so they feel that the slummy state no matter how barbaric you it is better than they currently have said for
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them it's like an ideal better than the hell that they're living in and there is the problem the united states and britain have made such a mess of the middle east that anything is better than what they've been given to a lot of young muslims out there. ok we have to leave it there but thank you very much for your thoughts because he had of the muslim public affairs committee life in the u.k. thank you. but with tensions in gaza still high we look at the plight of palestinians as they face years of rebuilding after israel's military crackdown we call that story on more than a couple of. different leaders in syria now many of the members of congress of both parties who have gone to syria in recent months have said they believe he's a reformer of the of mr president is that which is diddy's time for him to go to
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sleep and still be at peace to syria is going to be the subject of the. elite. they all told him a language as well but i will only react to situations i have read the reports so i'm not you know pushing the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point of the month to say that it is a carryin a car is on a dog you know god they're over there joe no more weasel words when you need a direct question are you prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a battle freedom of speech and a little bit on the freedom to cross. welcome
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back now israel's military campaigns against hamas have left the palestinian territory shattered this is the result of the most recent to sell thousands of houses wiped out in weeks of armed conflict you can see that wherever there was green land or buildings now there is only shell craters and sand an assessment puts the cost of rebuilding at over six billion dollars the un and a number of international organizations have published the figures operation protective edge claimed the lives of more than two thousand palestinians including women and children israel itself lost seventy two people most of them soldiers or seventeen thousand houses were destroyed or badly damaged in the recent campaign seventy five thousand homes are needed to cover the total housing deficit the disaster relief organization linked to the u.n. says it will take more than twenty years to rebuild the infrastructure artes in and
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i host a nice now we are british m.p. george galloway who he believes is to blame for events in recent months you think that the israeli government is the only responsible side for the recent violence that we've seen what about hamas should they bear responsibility for the violence. while the palestinian resistance has for almost seventy years being trying to restore their country to them up it was wiped off the map and the palestinian people scattered to the four corners of the earth no nobody would accept you wouldn't accept my country wouldn't accept it if foreigners come and steal your country and wipe off the map and take your house and drive you out you're going to struggle to return and it is the illegal moral right of the palestinian people to resist the occupation of their country. incidentally that is the first interview george galloway has given after being attacked in london apparently his comments on
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israel he shared that story with. i was in the street around seven thirty seven thirty five in the evening it was broad daylight out of nowhere dressed in israel defense force short complete with the logo came trotting up me cursing and swearing and shouting. support for israel and opposition to my. views on israel and then. punches and kicks. was a pro israel fanatic his book that morning. and his words that he would like to cut my throat. amount of says it like to cut your throat and then dresses for the if you learn israel defense force. on the
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street near where you live has probably a serious intention to do you harm and if you get the chance to watch in the night for all the latest stories you won't find in the mainstream media of the show airs monday to thursday here in r.t. . fancy getting your hands on a bit of cosmic history the space suits worn by the dogs in space are up for auction it was used by the soviets assembled and strolled into the atmosphere and back again safely and it's up for auction for around eight thousand euros well you could piece can off looks back now at the history of the space pops. they're world famous for going to space and back before humans could ever start exploring the cosmos in one thousand nine hundred sixty two strays. made space history by spending over twenty five hours in orbit and making it back home alive the first creatures ever sent outside the earth's atmosphere and for such a long time to be for them though dozens of dogs took part in soviet spaceflight
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experiments and i can tell you without them the u.s.s.r. would have never been able to send the first man into orbit which is dead and gone for instance became the first to reach the upper levels of the earth's atmosphere but there are twenty minute flight was rough extreme turbulence and zero gravity but they landed safely and alive wasn't so lucky the vehicle decompressed and the animals suffocated but it's mainly because of that incident that space suits were introduced and that led to the first canine spacewalk lisa became the first live animal ever to float outside a craft in a space suit she came back alive and well and gave birth to some healthy puppies to most because trip had an extra twist her landing pad got lost in a storm scientists took two days to find it because a herdsman stall her colored parachute dog was ok but the breakthrough in space came with like her mission is also probably the saddest she became the first ever animal to get into orbit but stressed and overheating meant she died
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a few hours into the flight but let me tell you the scientists involved including the head of the soviet space program took these dogs to heart and cherish them spent so it was a brief adventure for some of the man's best friends led to some giant leaps for mankind. and stay with something just out of this world have a look at this watching this video you might think it's an alien invader being built on earth but have no fear it's the construction of a brand new headquarters for u.s. tech giant to head online to learn who owns this eighth age building last fall to our website because if your tank that had been missing for days is located by satellite off the coast of america go online to find out why the vessel with its hundred million dollar cargo has been avoiding detection. and pakistan's capital turmoil has broken out of status in the paper marched in
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government buildings it follows two weeks of mass opposition rallies across the country the opposition accuse the prime minister nawaz sharif of rigging last year's general election and demanding he steps down we spoke to an expert on pakistan about what's behind the a mess. it's quite unfortunate to see due to repetitive military intervention bureaucratic structure. due to corruption in the political and civil and military group who see. them pretty good students cleaned up and flourish and that has actually we couldn't do pretty practices what we see in the recent days that is actually a manifestation of people's lack of confidence in democratic practices a newly a recently more recently elected government has has been put in to suggest situation which you won't actually do any good to the democratic situation that this is in pakistan rather i mean if as the stated military intervention so yes the result
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warning sign didn't use a lot of concern about how long the government would be able to sustain. let's have a look at some international news in brief now starting in somalia scores of people have been killed by bottle had around militants when he is a miscreant sees the nigerian to. thousands of civilians fled the area programs insurgency has intensified after it declared an islamic state in the towns it controls. where the u.s. military has carried out a counterterrorism operation against al shabaab militants the pentagon gave no further details about the clandestine operation and didn't say if it was successful local media reports suggest u.s. drones five missiles near a militant stronghold. a memorial services continue in beslan in southern russia marking ten years since a terrorist attack on a school where throughout the night candles were lit in remembrance of more than
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three hundred victims most of them children and their mothers on tuesday an exhibition devoted to the tragedy is planned to take place on the first of september two thousand and four around five thousand people were taken hostage by chechen militants and held captive for three days deprived of food and water. and we will be bringing you more coverage of the memorial events throughout the day also r.t. spoke to be only terrorist to have survived the president atrocity you can watch this report later today here on r.t. international all of this is going although you don't. know. it's.
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going through all of. those and she took a lot of much of the situation and. neutral . that it. if you find yourself heading to berlin anytime soon you might want to travel light or get a helping hand to carry your luggage the locals in the german capital are demanding a ban on the use of seat cases with saying this kind of baggage robs them of sleep artie's peter all of us has got a story. every year thousands of tourists flock here to the german capital bulletins reputation as a cool destination for a city break has seen those numbers increase along with the tourists comes the luggage and one type of luggage in particular is causing consternation in some of
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the neighborhoods suitcases on wheels combined with cobbled streets has resulted in local residents complaining about the noise late at night and early in the morning in fact there's been so many complaints that the mayor of the region of berlin has actually said the bag should be banned out right that's not something the tourists themselves particularly agree with. i cannot carry heavy items and it would be impossible for me to travel with a twenty kilograms suitcase without wheels. my opinion it's stupid idea but i don't know all the people who live in quotes back problems they have another opinion and so it's their decision but i think one should go through but. i think it's an overreaction it would make no sense to suggest quite so we'll see lots of people the streets with this move the surface perhaps other possibilities should be looked at first for making this long at times tempers flared over this issue we've seen
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some graffiti around the city that say things like you are not and even as far as the tourists bus whether they like them or not burley needs the tourism industry and invariably those tourists come with suitcases that will have wheels ph all over r.t. germany. thanks for being with us today yet coming up next we report on the gang wars that are terrorizing the u.s. city of chicago but more young people are murdered and you were always in american schools. in dunedin florida a young boy named t.j. guerrero is learning how to become an american man the old school way by selling cool drinks at a lemonade stand we hear a lot of lame examples of american exceptionalism from blowhard politicians but the idea of kid trumper nerd ship and the iconic norman rockwell esque lemonade stand
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is something very exceptional and has certainly been good for the nation but for all of his hard work what does t.j. get in return one of his neighbors is trying to shut down his quote illegal business that neighbor says the lemonade stand causes traffic noise trash illegal parking which all harms his property values cry me a river we all wonder where to support for the police to come from won't come from people like this will character who need the government to deal with a twelve year old trying to earn yes earn money you know there are some guys who work on cars on the street outside my window and yeah they get loud sometimes but i'm never going to call the cops on them because i'm just happy that some gunmen are still interested in working with their hands in moscow you see a lot of lads at short shorts with chihuahuas it's up to all of us to give each other a break sometimes and not tattle to the state about every little problem but that's just my opinion.
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chicago three million people the third largest city in the united states home of the blues al capone and barack obama. obama got his start here working first as a social worker then a law professor. he cut his political teeth on the streets of chicago before being elected illinois senator then president of the united states. in two thousand and eight three fourths of secada ones voted for obama this democratic stronghold capsule h. the great challenges facing the u.s. cutting spending to.


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